United CC-1 copy

(shown) Fully upholstered model on telescopic platforms

United CC Platform Chair

Offering all the styling and comfort of an auditorium chair combined with complete flexibility, the United CC is suitable for both fixed seating and telescopic installations. The pocket sprung seat pan provides a luxurious feel to the chair and its unique rising action creates wide, safe walkways.

United CC opt. back copy

(shown) Rear of seat with optional plastic protection panel (fixed back model)


• Self rising design, with auto rise armrest and the backrest acting as a counterweight
• Compact dimensions when closed
• High backrest for concert-level comfort
• Optional protective plastic panel to the back
• Pocket sprung seat core for outstanding support
• Elegant curved timber armrests

• Timber outer back
• Protective plastic outer back
• Seat numbers
• Row letters
• Cup holder

United CC fixed copy

(shown) Tread fixed chairs in a lecture theatre setting (fixed back model)

United High Back Platform Chair

United HighBack-1 copy

(shown) United High Back with plastic panels and writing tablets

United HighBack-2 copy

(shown) United High Back fully upholstered chairs with ABS arms

United T Platform Chair

Designed for both fixed seating and telescopic platform installations, the United T is ideal for multipurpose conference, lecture and educational facilities. With a unique rising action, the chair has extremely compact dimensions when closed, creating wide safe walkways. The writing tablet folds away when not in use, allowing the seating to be used for a wide variety of functions, from formal lectures to conferences and shows.
United T armrest detail copy

United T copy

(shown) United High Back fully upholstered chairs with ABS arms

United Espace 628 Platform Chair

United Espace-1.2 copy
Unitd Espace-3 copy