SSAR Stacked

Interkal offers a variety of Aisle Rail Systems:

Self-Storing Aisle Rails (SSAR)™

The Perfect Solution For Saving Set-Up Labor.

• Aisle Rails are permanently bolted in position and automatically store in the deck, ensuring that the rails are in place at all times for spectator safety.
• This innovative design eliminates the need to individually set up each rail, maximizing labor savings.
• Revolutionary Patented Self-Storing Aisle Rails (SSAR)™
Exclusively from the leader in telescopic seating– Interkal!

QT rail-open straight

Quarter-Turn Aisle Center Rails

Installed on alternating rows and permanently attached (available for standard or wide-deck applications), these are designed to minimize labor for set-up and take-down in minutes. Best of all… No tools required!

The multi-point connection to nosebeam permanently secures rails in place. Rails store virtually flush to bleacher in the closed position.

QT rail-open
Q-T Rail_Stack.CloseUp