Power system options designed to meet your specific needs:

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Friction Power

The Interkal Wide Track Power System is U.L. Listed and incorporates friction drive rollers as an integral part of the first row horse assembly. The two horse assemblies are linked together by a continuous drive shaft driven by a 1/2 H.P. 208V, 3-phase motor. This continuous drive shaft controls drive roller operation in a straight, efficient manner. This is ­especially important on bleacher banks which include numerous notchouts or truncations.

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Non-Friction Power

This is a fully automatic power system designed to open and close wall-attached, recessed or reverse-fold telescopic bleachers at the touch of a button ­ without the need for traction force on the floor.  It has the capacity to move more rows of bleachers than any other mechanical power system developed for the telescopic seating market. Limit switches are used to stop the 2HP, 208-230VAC, 3-phase motor in the fully open or closed positions. The chain drive pusher links assure years of dependable performance as well as non-slip, straight line operation.


Interkal offers a power drive unit that is external to the seating system called a Moto-Folder. This power drive device can be used as an economical alternative to fixed power systems for opening and closing your seating system. The Moto-Folder features large non marking white drive wheels that will not harm your floor. A simple clutch lever disengages the power unit from the wheels to effortlessly move the unit long distances. Available up to 12 rows only.

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Plug-in Pendant Switch provided with all power systems

I-Remote wireless control

Introducing the new I-Remote… providing you added convenience in controlling your telescopic seating systems.

A remote control with advanced wireless technology that offers added flexibility for operator location to monitor fast and efficient bleacher operation.

Each bleacher bank is equipped with an integral receiver, set with individual frequencies to ensure the intended operation of each individual bank.

An easy-to-use touch screen controller assists the operator with optimal convenience in remotely controlling bleachers.

Interkal will continue to provide pendant switches for alternative power operation, should the transmitter become damaged.

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