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The Strongest Understructure in the Industry

1 - Stabilized by Sway Braces

­All Interkal seating systems are stabilized by sway braces attached to the vertical columns and steel risers for maximum strength and resistance to movement. (Sway braces not required on rows 1 and 2).

Sway braces fabricated from steel are essential for vertical post bleachers to resist the compression and tension forces created when the bleachers are loaded.

2 - Structural Steel Tubing

Electric-welded continuous 2”x3” closed seam, rectangular structural steel tubing produces the strongest and safest vertical columns. Post size increases depending on row height and load bearing requirements.

3 - Deck Support Brackets

­Deck support brackets are more rigid than competitive designs to help prevent sagging and potential binding during operation. All deck supports incorporate rollers for efficient operation and deck stability.

4 - Nosebeam Construction

Nosebeam Construction – All Interkal seating options incorporate a structural continuous galvanized nosebeam to which the seat surface is attached, resulting in a uniform understructure. This component provides superior strength, continuous support for the plywood deck and the flexibility to achieve any aisle location/configuration.

5 - Innovative Superslide System

Innovative Superslide System – Low friction flexible rod system guarantees positive engagement of vertical supports without binding, assuring smooth operation over uneven floor conditions.

• Maintains proper vertical column spacing.
• Reduces wear and helps eliminate racking damage.

6 - Row Locks

Row Locks – Stabilize the bleacher under load in the extended position by securely locking each support post to an adjacent post.

• Automatically engage and release for opening and closing operation.
• Individual row locks make it possible to open any number of rows without opening the entire bank of bleachers.

7 - Aluminum “H” Beams

­Aluminum “H” Beam located at every plywood joint provides continuous support from rear riser to nosebeam. Also facilitates ease of cleaning by eliminating unsightly gaps.

8 - One-Piece Wheel Channels

One-Piece Wheel Channels – accommodate 8 to 12 wheels per row for maximum weight distribution and operating ease. The number of wheels increase as the number of rows increase.

• Wheel channels are precision formed from a single piece of steel coil for maximum rigidity.
• The heavy duty composition rubber wheels are provided in a 3-1/2” diameter by 1-1/8” tread width. This increased tread width allows for increased distribution of loads to the flooring surface.
• All wheels are provided with a 1/2” diameter steel axle secured with tamper-proof retaining rings.
• Wheels are equipped with oil impregnated sintered metal bearings to assure smooth operation.

Interkal is AWS and CWB Certified for Welding our products.

The Interkal understructure is designed for maximum load bearing capacity and eliminates deflection. It is constructed from the strongest and most durable materials in the industry for dependable performance you can count on for years to come. Because this understructure has few moving parts, trouble-free operation is assured with routine maintenance. Safety features include:

•  Plastic covers at every nosebeam exposed end and/or handicap location.
•  Limit switches on non-friction automatic power systems.
•  Removable pendant control attaches to the front of the seating system for added visual safety during operation of all automatic power systems.
•  Superslide System to insure positive engagement of all vertical posts.
•  Rear closure panels to prevent debris from collecting under units.
•  Aisles and rails in compliance with applicable code requirements.

Interkal supports the NFPA-102 mandate for annual bleacher inspection and maintenance.

We strongly recommend a routine maintenance program.